Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant
Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant Tim Greathouse
Wedding Officiant
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August Weddings

Five weddings … heat indexes in the 90’s … and only one torrential downpour.  Not too shabby!

August 6: Brian & Lacey Flynn (originally meant to take place at Kendall Lake, but after waiting for the rain to stop for an hour, we had to execute Plan B and move the celebration to the reception venue, Happy Days Lodge. Sorry my no-rain streak ended on your big day, guys!)

August 20: Bill & Sharla Selsor (at Galt Park, Cuyahoga Falls)

August 20: Andrew & Jenna Isaacs (at the luxurious Glidden House at University Circle in Cleveland)

August 27: Brian & Donna Zager (my first camouflage-themed wedding!)

August 28: Steve & Amanda Erickson (they both shaved their heads to signify this monumental new beginning in their lives. Love it!)

It was worth bearing the heat to be a part of your wedding days. My thanks to all of you!