Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant
Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant Tim Greathouse
Wedding Officiant
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Bill & Destini’ Rose

Love and cottonwood was in the air tonight – mostly love – as we celebrated the union of Bill Rose and Destini’ Fronek.

Bill and Destini’ deeply love their own (and each others’) families and wanted to include them prominently in the ceremony. They chose to combine unity sands after the exchange of rings, opting for their mothers to begin the pouring of the sands. They asked me to introduce this section of the ceremony and speak briefly about it afterward. I introduced it this way:

“Today we unite not merely two people – we unite two families. At this time I’d like to ask Bill’s mother, Marilyn, and Destini’s mother, Melinda, to come forward and join in the combining of the unity sands.”

And afterwards, I explained the significance of the unity sands:

“It would be nigh on impossible to separate these grains of sand from one another now. Likewise, Bill and Destini’ are forever joined by this union, but where there were once separate communities of friends and family between you – they are now forever joined as well. May each member come to know and love each other as you have.”

Bill and Destini’ – you’ll never hear a toddler pass gas again without thinking of your wedding day. Congratulations and much love, my friends!