Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant
Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant Tim Greathouse
Wedding Officiant
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David & Nicole Alexander

When Nicole was single, she had some pretty stringent requirements for a beau – and I quote – “He has to be tall, bald and have a goatee!” Luckily, David fit the bill, and in many more ways than just that. It didn’t take after their first blind date to realize that they wanted to take the plunge.

Nicole and David recited the nontraditional vows they asked me to write for them:

“I vow before this assembled company to be your husband from this day forward, ever faithful, loyal and tender. I will love you amid our joys and our struggles. I will love you without condition or doubt. I will love you with the radiance of a thousand suns. I will love you forever.”

Nicole asked me to mention her mother and grandmother, who had passed away before they could see her on the happiest day of her life. Here’s what I said:

“In every life, there are those who teach us how to be these things to our husbands and wives – those who literally teach us how to love one another. And I am certain that Nicole’s mother, Patricia, and her grandmother, Minnie, if they could be here now, would look with great pride and contentment upon this union, and bless it with their love for you both.”

David & Nicole: May your days be good and long upon the earth!