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Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant Tim Greathouse
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Joe & Anna George

Anyone in my neck of the woods knows that it has been a punishing summer when it comes to the weather. It seems that I haven’t been able to escape the extremes when I perform an outdoor ceremony – it’s either blisteringly hot or witheringly humid. Or both. Today it was the wind, cruelly blowing carefully coiffed hair and carefully placed flowers in all directions – but it was Joe and Anna that really blew us all away.

Getting a laugh during a wedding ceremony is a delicate maneuver. In my opinion, it has to be in a way that calls out the endearing qualities or experiences of the bride and groom. Anna gave me some great background on her and Joe that was too funny and poetic not to share with their family and friends.

“By all rights, on the surface, Joe and Anna don’t have much in common. He’s a gamer. She’s not. She’s a vegan. He’s not. She bakes. He loves pre-packaged snack cakes. He’s laid back. She’s high strung. But none of that really matters.

“Because when I asked Joe and Anna each why they wanted to marry the other, the answers were as beautiful as they were simple.”

Joe said: “I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without her. She puts up with my hobbies, my bad jokes and everything. I love her with all my heart and it continues to grow each passing day.”

Anna said: “He is absolutely all I have ever wanted.  He completes me. He makes my heart sing when it is sad. He calms me when I am in a rage. My soul misses his soul when it is away.  He makes me happy all the time. I am a happier person when he is near. I cannot imagine my life without him in it.”

“This is why those differences don’t matter. The dissimilarities between you are cosmetic. In the way that truly matters, you are the same. You share a trenchant and steadfast love for one another, and it’s something that some people will never experience in their lifetimes.”

She’s a scone, he’s a Ding Dong … and it works. Congratulations, my friends!