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Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant Tim Greathouse
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John and Mackenzie – June 18, 2022 – Glidden House, Cleveland, Ohio

Welcome to the ceremony vault! The ceremonies that I perform have static portions (I generally use the same words of welcome and closing secular blessing, for example) but most have dynamic sections that change from couple to couple. Sometimes I tell the story of how they met, or tell anecdotes that reflect their love for each other, or share some other details about their romance that are germane to the occasion. Here is one of an excerpt from one of my ceremonies.

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Here’s the thing about online dating – it’s the worst. Anyone who’s done it will tell you that much. But here’s the other thing about online dating – it’s only the worst until it’s not – then it’s the best. Anyone who found the love of their life that way will tell you that much. This is how John and Mackenzie found each other, but the “how” is far less important than the “what” – that is, what kept them together. Things like their shared worldview, and their mutual love of history, philosophy and science. I hear they kill at trivia night too.

But the two both admit that they have their differences. John is the extrovert; Mackenzie, the introvert. She’s the emotional one. He’s the stoic one. She loves to cook. He loves to eat her cooking. He’s good with numbers. She’s good with calculators.

But similarities and differences aside, here is all that matters: you share a deep and steadfast love for each other. No matter how those lists may grow and change, let this one similarity between you remain always.