Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant
Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant Tim Greathouse
Wedding Officiant
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Jon & Christy Vargo

Jon & Christy tied the knot in Christy’s father’s backyard in my very own neck of the woods – Ellet. It was an uncharacteristically temperate day amid this otherwise scorching summer. The groom’s party wore khaki shorts and yellow polo shirts, while both the bride’s & groom’s parties wore white flip flops.

The happy couple are also happy parents to a radiant baby boy, Austin. It felt only fitting to mention him during the ceremony.

“It’s certainly clear to me and to all who know you that this abundance of love you have for one another is rivaled only by your love of your son, Austin. Remember that Austin (and any other happy additions to your family) will look to the two of you to learn how to love. I think you’ll both be excellent teachers.”

To Jon & Christy: you and your entire family were a delight to meet and get to know. Every time an archway blows over in the wind, think of me. I wish you all the best.