Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant
Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant Tim Greathouse
Wedding Officiant
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Matt & Jess Forrest

In the heart of the Cascade Valley is a centuries old oak tree, known since the 1800s as the Signal Tree. Its candelabra-esque trunk may be a coincidental work of nature – but it’s theorized (and more likely) the tree was shaped by this country’s indigenous people as a marker – literally shaping nature as a way to mark a path through the wilderness.

Matt, Jess and I took up residence by the Signal Tree for a brief, beautiful moment to join them in marriage. My own words paled in comparison to the words that I read to Matt and Jess, from each others own lips, when I asked them before the ceremony why they wanted to marry their mate:

Matt said: “I could list myriad reasons, but central to all of them is the profound sense of recognition, belonging, and unfettered freedom I feel when in her presence. For perhaps the first time in my entire life, I feel at home, able to let down my defenses and experience an unmitigated, pure intimacy. It as if we both know what the other will say before we say it; that we are attuned on a level beyond anything I have ever experienced with another human being. There is a strange resonance that unites our beings… for lack of better or more poetic words, Jess is my home.”

Jess said: “We are cut from the same cloth. We are made of the same stuff. He makes me laugh, looks out for me, and makes me feel stronger. When we are together, I am pretty sure that we control the universe. I want to have his children, and I know Matthew will be the best father. He’s compassionate, funny, and full of patience. He still remembers child-like wonder and I know he will share that with our children. Nothing about Matthew gives me pause or causes me to shy away. I am never scared around him, or worried about life. We know we face challenges, but I am not afraid of them. Because we are in love, I fear nothing.”

Rarely am I so moved by a couple’s answers to that question. It was a magnificent moment, on a beautiful day, on a legendary spot, to celebrate a legendary love. Congratulations, my new friends.