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Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant Tim Greathouse
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Happy Couples

Happy Couples

The testimonials below are from the brides and grooms whose ceremonies I have performed, as well as some ceremony attendees. The individuals offering testimonials on this page have kindly agreed to serve as references as well. I can’t publish their contact information here for privacy reasons, but I’m happy to share it with you if you’re interested in contacting them directly with questions regarding my services – just contact me.

Belles September 13th, 2022

We couldn’t have wished into existence a better officiant for our wedding than Tim. I knew from reading his profiles and reviews that he was exactly what we were looking for. But y’all – this man was above and beyond.

First off, we planned the wedding ourselves. It was a very small gathering with no wedding party. Due to some health problems, we were behind the curve leading up to the big day. Tim took it in stride and still managed to craft us a touching, personalized ceremony. He asked for a lot of history up front and seemed to know just how to get the right info out of us. It’s been over two years and I just came across the pre-work my husband provided Tim a couple weeks ago, buried on his desk – so sweet it made me cry. He also found us a great bagpipe player on short notice!

But it was on the day of ceremony that Tim truly shined. We came from across the country by car to be married near family. Super hectic and we ended up late to our own wedding. Naturally, my husband had an anxiety attack in the parking lot. Tim says to me “don’t worry – I’m like human valium. I got this.”

And he did! We didn’t have a rehearsal, so this was the first time they had ever met. I don’t know what he said or did, but Tim helped him pull it together and get back to breathing normal. He got through the rest of the day super chill.

We forgot the handfasting cord. No worries – Tim reworked the ceremony on the spot. And it was a beautiful. So much better than if we had tried to hammer out the details ourselves. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I do remember being delighted and seeing the joy on our guests’ faces as he told our story.

Our wedding day could’ve – even should’ve – been a disaster. And while our family was super supportive, I don’t think we could’ve gotten through it without Tim. His flexibility, kindness, enthusiasm, and valium-like demeanor were exactly what we needed. An absolute beacon of light and love. He was so nice to be around that we wanted to bring him to the reception. We haven’t seen him since, but we’ll always see him as a friend.

Thank you for the wonderful memories, Tim!

Ashley Hutkay September 5th, 2022

Tim was an absolute gem from start to finish. I knew he was the right pick for us as soon as we spoke over the phone for the first time, and I couldn’t wait to meet him! He made sure he made it to our rehearsal and he ran the show (thankfully). Rehearsal and meeting him a few days prior to the wedding made me feel so much better especially with all my nerves. As far as the big day? He did better than I ever imagined and didn’t even need a microphone. He found me before the ceremony and asked if I would like to practice the vows one more time because I was obviously full of nerves. He was professional, funny, and had all my guests wanting to cry (and crying) during parts of his beautiful written ceremony. I recommend him highly, and I cannot say again how happy I am with choosing him for the most important day of my life. He made it so special. All in all, he is one very nice guy and an amazing officiant!

Jim McManus August 26th, 2022

We had a beautiful venue with incredible food. I thought those would be the highlights. While everyone did enjoy the views from the venue and ate A LOT of food, the bride and her dress were the only part of the wedding getting more compliments than Tim. To a person, everyone told us what a great job he did, and how enjoyable the ceremony was.

My wife and I had no intention to get emotional during the ceremony, but as soon as I saw her, we both almost did. Tim was ready to go with a quite one-liner or joke to keep us loose and laughing, which was exactly what we wanted. No tears were shed!

If you’re getting married, Tim is the way to go.

Candace Cox August 25th, 2022

Tim was amazing to work with from start to finish! He was so personable and we highly recommend him for your wedding.

Brent and Talia Everhart August 21st, 2022

We are so over the moon happy with the service we received from Tim. I could not have asked for a better officiant. He made us feel loved, special, and comfortable. An absolute master of his work, and it shows. He married us on the beach, at the edge of a rainstorm. We wanted to be barefoot, and he joined in! An absolutely perfect stranger. We LOVED having Tim. He chose the perfect poem to read for us, and the vows definitely fit us. We will never forget you! Thank you so much for being wonderful!!

-The Everharts

Valerie and Chris August 20th, 2022

Tim was outstanding in his role as our officiant! Prior to the big day, Tim kept in contact, and confirmed all that needed to be done. He returned all calls so quickly! Tim arrived on time and was the picture of calm! I appreciated how he reviewed and rehearsed all that was about to happen. Tim is so professional yet amazingly warm and friendly. His sense of humor was so exactly what we needed throughout this whole process. I highly recommend Tim!!!

Cora Dluback August 14th, 2022

Tim was the best officiant! He gave us very clear instructions at the rehearsal. And then day of we were both so nervous, he would say words of encouragement under his breath that really helped us, and did fun things that got a fun reaction from the crowd. He was Amazing! All my guests told me how much they loved him afterwards. And my DJ and photographer were even complimenting my pick of Tim as my officiant. He was Amazing!

Cara Rinaldi August 4th, 2022

Tim captured perfectly what we wanted in our wedding ceremony. When we reached out initially, Tim did mention he had another ceremony booked for earlier the same date as ours. He took the time to confirm times and dates to let us know if he could reasonably do both. Thankfully, everything worked out! We were to able to reach him easily between booking and the ceremony. My husband and I have only been wedding guests a handful of times so had no clue what to expect. Tim answered any and all questions we had and created a beautiful, personalized, moving, yet succinct ceremony. There were laughter and tears perfectly timed. It really felt like a friend was up there with us! He made sure to check in with us before the ceremony to sign our marriage license, give last minute reminders and answer any questions. If we had to do everything over again, we would definitely make sure Tim could be a part of our wedding day!

Tyler Spicher July 21st, 2022

Tim did an amazing job at our wedding! He was prompt, cordial, fun, a great speaker, and really “got” what we were going for. What he wrote for the ceremony was fantastic. I even threw him a curveball by almost passing out halfway through the ceremony and he improvised with ease. I highly recommend.

Emily and Dakota Darrin July 17th, 2022

Our ceremony could not have been any more perfect. Tim is excellent and really made it the best it could be. He spoke with us before hand so we knew what to expect. He also made sure the ceremony fit our exact wants and needs. Tim made it personal and romantic. He was funny when he needed to be but also serious when it was necessary. All around, best officiant and best experience. 10/10 highly recommend for anyone looking for something a little less traditional!

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