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Tim Greathouse - Wedding Officiant Tim Greathouse
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Happy Couples

Happy Couples

The testimonials below are from the brides and grooms whose ceremonies I have performed, as well as some ceremony attendees. The individuals offering testimonials on this page have kindly agreed to serve as references as well. I can’t publish their contact information here for privacy reasons, but I’m happy to share it with you if you’re interested in contacting them directly with questions regarding my services – just contact me.

Brandon & Grace Covert October 11th, 2021

Tim Tim Tim!!!!! What an incredible Job you did for our wedding sir. Not only did you keep Grace and I relaxed throughout the entire ceremony but you caught everyone’s attention with ease. You had people laughing and crying all at once. A comment simply cannot describe how amazing you were for our big day. You took what we wanted and made it your own and absolutely nailed it! Everyone there including us had something great to say about you come the end of the ceremony. Would recommend you to anyone I know!!!! Thank you for everything.

Stephen and Kaitlyn Phillips October 8th, 2021

Tim has a way with words; and that is putting it VERY mildly! If you want something unique, heartfelt, and very genuinely “you”, then you want Tim leading your ceremony!

During the rehearsal, he prepped the bride and groom and said “This part is easy for you! I’m going to read a line, and you’ll respond with ‘I will’.” He read the very first line he prepared, and my only genuine reaction was “(Darn)* You’re good!”

We chose somewhat of a non-traditiinal and semi-secular wedding; and Tim was happy to accommodate any particular secular or non-secular points we wanted; he just wanted our day to be as perfect as possible.

If you want something similar or different than my wedding: secular or non-secular, I have no doubt he’ll make it just as special and reverent as our day was!

Carrie September 18th, 2021

So having a wedding in the middle of a pandemic was less than ideal, but we did it and it was perfect! With limiting it to a very small group of guests and having the wedding in our backyard, we had our concerns that it wouldn’t feel like a “real” wedding… but Tim helped it be exactly that and then some! He made our ceremony so special! The intimacy of the ceremony he wrote was more than we could have hoped for and we are eternally grateful! When we decide it is time to renew our vows, we hope Tim will join us and work his magic once again!

Jason &Sarah October 19th, 2020

Tim was amazing, accommodating, engaging, and professional. Pandemic weddings are the way to go! Tim was one of only five humans there (there was also an honored dog). Did that phase him? Did that throw him off his game? No my friends. He rose to the occasion, and presided over a wonderful ceremony full of joy, laughter, and some dog barks. If you are looking for someone to officiate your big day, whether a pandemic pull-off, or a traditional treat, look no further. Tim is all about how you want to start your life with your new spouse. He’s not going to tell you you can’t bring a dog!

Rebecca Longoria October 12th, 2020

Tim was awesome! We wanted someone down to earth, friendly and easy going. He was so helpful and calmed our nerves easily. We felt like he was a friend and had our backs. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and unique to us. He really took the time to make sure he got it exactly how we’d like it. Would definitely recommend!!!

Timothy Loomis August 18th, 2020

I’m the father of the bride at one of Mr. Greathouse’s recent (8/14/20) weddings. My daughter and new son-in-law found and hired Mr. Greathouse probably the way you’re searching right now. My first meeting with him was at the rehearsal dinner. There I asked him if he had a plan. You see, I’d recently attended a wedding where an absolutely horrible officiant really botched my friend’s daughter’s special day.

Mr. Greathouse assured me he had a plan. I thought the rehearsal went well and we all looked forward to the big day. We were blessed with a perfect weather day, in a perfect setting, and Mr. Greathouse, true to his word, had a plan.

Mr. Greathouse conducted an absolutely beautiful ceremony. Through his process of getting to know my daughter and her fiance he put together an engaging, thoughtful, and very personal ceremony. All our friends commented about Mr. Greathouse’s wonderful job. I’m sure he’ll hear from some of the families in attendance as they prepare for their special day. All I can say to you, the reader of this testimonial, is that you will be totally thrilled with Mr. Greathouse and his plan.

Cody & Sierra Givens June 7th, 2020

Tim is absolutely amazing! We highly recommend him to anyone who wants a stress free ceremony! He gave us a quick run down before the ceremony and was very nice and easy to talk to! He is very personable and welcoming. He does a great job and listens to any requests you may have.

Vanessa & Andrew January 5th, 2020

From the beginning of wedding planning we were looking for a personalized and meaningful wedding ceremony. We wanted our officiant to make the focus of the ceremony on the two of us, the commitment we were making to on another, and a reflection of our relationship. We had been to many weddings where the officiant fumbled over names, told anecdotes that felt out of place, or were solely focused on religion.

Once we met Tim we knew he was the right choice for us. He has a warm, welcoming, and relaxed personality. Tim took the idea of what we wanted and brought it to life. His questionnaire was through and let us reflect on the relationship we built.

He did an amazing job on the wedding day. He helped us feel calm and prepared for our vows. We had so many compliments on the ceremony, Tim’s demeanor, and many people thought we had a friend marry us.

We are so happy we chose Tim to marry us. The ceremony is what we reflect on together the most and we cannot recommend him enough.

Savannah Campbell October 4th, 2019

Perfect. That is the word I have chosen to describe my experience with Tim. I interviewed about 7 officiants before I found Tim. From the first time speaking with Tim (probably the first few minutes), I knew he was the officiant for my husband and I. We were looking for a less formal, less religious, unconventional personality to marry us. Our relationship is corky and lively and we needed someone who could match, understand and encompass our passion into our ceremony . We wanted our ceremony to be about us and our amazing love story, leaving religion and other traditional ceremony rituals aside. Tim did exactly that! He was able to take our questionnaires, our stories and our conversations, and turn them into a beautifully worded and delivered presentation. He has an exceptional way with words, and his deliverance of those words is captivating and engaging; our guests were enamored with Tim and our ceremony. Tim also has this superpower of being able to calm your nerves; he just senses it. He was able to mute his mic in certain areas of the ceremony and just speak directly to us. This allowed us not to feel uneasy or uptight. We were able to escape from our nerves and concentrate on the conversation – like it was just us three there. Tim also was very punctual, very natural and genuine with his words and our guests, and truly enjoys his profession. We could sit and talk with Tim for hours; he’s a great guy, real great guy! Because of Tim, my ceremony was one thing I didn’t have to stress or have any concerns about. Thank you Tim, for making our day PERFECT. We will see you soon!

Love and Brandon January 4th, 2016

When we decided on a wedding officiant, we knew exactly who we wanted. Love is a wedding professional (in the business of happily ever afters), and she had seen Tim in action at a wedding she worked. After a few extremely dorky jokes were exchanged, a plan was formed: that of forcing Tim to be our officiant. We weren’t even engaged at the time! When the question was asked, one of the first vendors we booked was Tim, he’s a great guy, but in high demand. Luckily, we were planning a while ahead.

Prior to the wedding we met a couple of different times. Once for the booking, once to hammer down the details – over breakfast at Fred’s diner, with our children – that was fun. He was completely cool through it all.

At the wedding, he showed up early, walked us through the I do’s, and COMPLETELY blew us away with the ceremony. Remember those dorky jokes mentioned earlier? Yes, well, we gave him a few quotes from our favorite Sci-Fi shows and he wove them in as if they were the most romantic lyrical poetry you had ever heard. He walked us through our hand-fasting like a boss, and even attempted to help Love when she realized she forgot to make up promises for it.

All in all, we HIGHLY suggest Tim to everyone we meet. Need an officiant, go for Tim. Need some laughs, Tim’s your guy. Want something serious and heartfelt, yup, still Tim. You can’t go wrong with this guy.

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